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Ladies around the world want to wear something unique and appealing. Thankfully here in Pakistan, we have a handful of options when it comes to designer clothes. The Pakistani fashion industry is the only industry that has made outfits like shalwar kameez, frocks, angarkha, Kurtis, with superb quality fabric.

This is the reason behind the success and popularity of the Pakistani fashion industry. Ladies can style themselves and they can also choose different patterns—jeans, palazzos, tulip pants, short, long shirts, etc.


The models we see on billboards and television influence other women on how they can wear a specific dress and become a stylish diva. The trends and styles are countless. The variety of brands in Pakistan leaves women with the most fashion sense to think more than once before purchasing something.

Other than this, the Pakistani fashion industry takes into account formal wear, the plain and simple shalwar kameez. The Pakistani style industry has become popular worldwide.

The fashion industry owns famous brands and designers like; Maria b, Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed, Khaddi, Zuhaz, Sadia Asad, Charizma, Farah Talib, and Vanya are few of the examples. These designers and brands aim to target all seasons by producing season-specific textures and cloths so that women can look good in every season.


You can find almost anything you want such as, formals, bridals, semi-formal, formal wear, day by day wear, casuals, whatever your need, every demand is met. The variety is so large, every week, new range dispatches with unique patterns and styles.

Quality is so beautiful that you would like to buy a bulk of dresses once you begin wearing Pakistani suits. Entertain yourself with embroidery and formal wear collections from the industry’s best designers and brands. Original genuine products are always a guarantee.

Green Formal Wear


It’s the endless attempt of every brand to bring out a new pattern. Top brands and designers promote their platforms. Women handpick brands and designer clothes after simply observing the popularity of the collection. The main effort is to inform customers about different summer fabrics launched by different brands.


The Lawn is produced using fine high thread cotton yarns, which brings a silky feeling that is smooth. The grass is the best type of cotton and is liable to shrink. It’s light on the skin and is genuinely best for the summer heat. It is breathable, comfortable and it’s non-cuffed.

Lawn fabric is significantly more durable than natural Lawn. The surface is a bit rough and thicker. For example, Khaadi material is more compressed on the surface yet relaxed. The material doesn’t shrink. It’s good for summers as it is sweat-resistant and breathable.


Cotton silk is turning the positivity of both Fabrics into one. The fabric is approved wildly around the globe. It’s undoubtedly a cheaper version of material yet a more well-known texture than pure silk itself.

This texture is durable, looks luxurious, and creates stunning structures in pretty much any shade. This fabric can be worn in all seasons. It’s thicker than Lawn on the surface and not as breathable because of the material.


Chiffon is a lightweight fabric with the sheer appearance and magical luster. The versatile flowy fabric is frequently used in evening gowns. Chiffon sarees and shalwar kameez are more in fashion. It’s a comfortable fabric for formal wear. Chiffon is also used for dupattas in shalwar suits due to its flowy lightweight texture.


The Pakistan fashion industry has a wide range of materials and designs when it comes to women’s clothing. All designs and textures portray beauty, elegance, and comfort, which is what every woman wants.

If you’re wondering what to wear this year, well, all you have to do is visit some outlets and you’ll find out what is trending. If you’re planning on making your own dress, keep in mind what each material has to offer. The mentioned above specifications of popular materials will give you an idea and will help you make a dress according to your preference.


Picking the most suitable dress for your event will be the greatest choice you ever made. Many brands like Zuhaz launch new and unique collections in each season. Indeed, they are the most affordable, suitable, and style brand in Pakistan. Give it a visit, you will know it.


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